Time for Art

The past few months have been challenging for many children and young people in West London. To help inspire creativity and learning away from computer screens, Leighton House has linked up with West London Zone, RBKC Looked After Children’s Services and Winsor & Newton, the long-established maker of arts and crafts materials, to create Time for Art gift boxes. Each keepsake art box contains a unique array of guided, practical arts and crafts projects linked to Leighton House, with all the materials needed to follow each activity, from brushes to paper, to paints and inks, pencils and pens.

Two leading contemporary artists, Ayesha Gamiet and Laurelie Rae, have designed these original art projects for Time for Art.

Each box is a present, decorated with a gold ribbon, intended to bring happiness and relaxation, encourage creativity and self-expression, and support the development of skills and knowledge of different media, techniques, artworks and makers, as well as of Frederic, Lord Leighton and Leighton House.

We are so thankful to Leighton House, Winsor & Newton and all the wonderful volunteers who made this fantastic project possible.

About Frederic, Lord Leighton & Leighton House

Frederic Leighton (Scarborough, Yorkshire, 1830 - London, 1896) was one of the most famous British artists of the Victorian age, establishing an international standing and reputation. He is known as a painter, draughtsman and sculptor. He is also remembered as a traveller and adventurer, a collector, a lover of music, a linguist and a supporter of young artists. Leighton House is his former home and studio, one of the most extraordinary Victorian buildings in the country. Behind its unassuming exterior lies a kaleidoscope of art forms, ideas and cultural references, expressed most vividly in the iconic Arab Hall.

together, every child and young person can flourish.