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What is AllChild?

AllChild is a targeted early intervention programme that provides additional opportunities and support to children according to their individual needs.

Our Link Workers are employed by AllChild and based in the school. They work with a group of children for 2 years. Children are identified by the school, informed by AllChild’s data analysis of school data which includes attainment levels and attendance. Our aim is that the children end the programme ‘on-track’ to meet their, and the school's, expectations in wellbeing, confidence, peer relationships and academic attainment.

Link Workers coordinate an individual support plan for each child, informed by the school and parents. We commission over 40 charities working in our communities to carry out specialist support sessions to jointly deliver every child's plan. We believe that pooling the wide variety of resources available in the area is the best way of making sure all the children we work with have the tools they need to thrive.

AllChild’s work has been invaluable to us. The Link Worker has been excellent at engaging with and supporting both children and families. We worked closely with them to identify the right support at the right time.

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For more information about the support organisations we work with, see our Delivery Partners page.

Why work with us?

AllChild's school-based model was created to provide support for children and young people who would benefit from additional opportunities and support. It is able to relieve budget pressures by combining a contribution from the school with money from three other commissioners. This provides good value for money for the school.

together, every child and young person can flourish.