Together, Every Child AND YOUNG PERSON can FLOURISH

AllChild supports communities in underserved neighbourhoods across the UK to help children and young people build the social, emotional, and academic skills they need to flourish.
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introducing allchild

For eight years, we have been helping children and young people find new opportunities for social, emotional, and academic growth under the name West London Zone. We are now excited to be relaunching under a new name and brand, AllChild.
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New two-year early-action model will launch in the Leigh, Atherton, and Tyldesley communities of Wigan in September.
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joining up support

Learn about the AllChild model and how we join up support for children and young people.
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Watch our film on how an AllChild Impact Programme works, explained by young people, parents, and Link Workers.
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Our Impact

Since 2016, AllChild has helped thousands of children and young people at the tipping point of need to flourish. In 2022 to 2023, we worked with 1,675 children and young people in 55 school settings.
75% of children and young people who took part in our Impact Programmes were no longer at risk in their emotional and mental wellbeing. Two-thirds improved their grades.
90% of AllChild schools renew after the first programme, noting ‘transformational or significant positive impact’ for the children and the wider school environment.
It has been a pleasure to be part of the amazing work that AllChild does for the past few months!"
Speech and language therapist
Before I started going to my Link Worker, I was fighting, messing about, but ever since I started I've been concentrating more on my lessons."
AllChild young person
It's been amazing to build relationships with young people and see their confidence grow from all the support they receive."
Clement James, centre tutor

together, every child and young person can flourish.