‘Our City’: growing up in West London

This new film was planned and produced by young people in our alumni group highlighting their experiences growing up in West London.

YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL4AKi-Roho

We asked the young people in our alumni group what growing up in West London means to them. They took part in several workshops to discuss their experiences and to learn about how to plan, produce and film a short film. They planned out the filming day, composed a spoken word poem based on the experiences of the whole group, created the music together, and took on roles directing, producing and starring on the day. They also helped to edit the final version of the film.

The group chose to film places of significance to them: where they live, where they work and sights that represent the experience of growing up in West London to them. This included locations around the White City estate, Hammersmith Park, Portobello Road, Latimer Road and the Grenfell Memorial.

The workshops and filming day were led by local film company and charity Made TV.

At West London Zone, we know that understanding and listening to the young people we work with is key to providing the best support possible.

together, every child and young person can flourish.