Miquita Oliver inspires pupils with the power of skipping and physical fitness

  • We were excited to invite TV host and West London native, Miquita Oliver to our partner school to talk to children about skipping, sport and mental wellbeing
  • Young people showed off their impressive skipping skills in front of the school and asked insightful questions about Miquita’s career
  • The visit served as a powerful reminder about the importance of physical fitness for our mental health and we were delighted to work in collaboration with Miquita and St Mary’s Primary School

This Summer term, we had the opportunity to host renowned television presenter and fellow West Londoner, Miquita Oliver to our partner school, St Mary’s primary school for an inspirational assembly on the power of skipping and sport. Miquita captivated the school community as she encouraged young people to show off their skipping skills in front of their peers and teachers; empowering them to think differently about sport.

“I think sports have a really good way of calming our minds…it’s a really good way of bringing yourself back to yourself, and a really good place to start is skipping with a rope.” Miquita Oliver

Encouraging perseverance and determination

At West London Zone, we understand how innovative skills and strength-based activities can boost confidence and resilience; so we were very excited to partner with Miquita Oliver to share more about the significance sport and just a humble skipping rope can have on our lives and wellbeing. Oliver spoke passionately about her experience growing up in Ladbroke Grove and how although she didn’t have access to many sports, she did have a skipping rope. Through taking that first jump, she shared how that empowered her to overcome any hurdle life threw at her. Teachers and pupils alike were captivated by her enthusiasm as she invited young people to show off their skipping skills in front of the school. Some of the young people proudly skipped – even throwing in a trick or two while other children received applause when they managed to jump over the rope on their second or third attempt. The assembly concluded with children asking questions about her favourite sports and her career as a TV presenter where Miquita spoke openly about her experiences and the importance of prioritising your mental health.

Miquita talks about her experiences with sport

Skipping Workshop

The excitement did not stop there, after the assembly – Miquita invited young people on the WLZ programme into the playground for a skipping workshop. She encouraged children to keep trying when they struggled and guided them to jump over the rope. It was clear that her energy left a lasting impression on the young people as when they went out for lunchtime play, they continued skipping with their friends. We were delighted that Miquita was able to share more about her own experiences and how sport has had such an impact on her life.


The fun continued with a skipping workshop in the playground

Empowering young people in our Zone

The visit served as a powerful reminder of the importance of physical fitness and mental wellbeing in the lives of young people and we were thrilled to be a part of Miquita’s journey as she introduces her brand, Ropes. We hope that this experience will extend beyond the school gates of St Mary's Primary and inspire a generation of young people to embrace sport, prioritise mental health, and achieve their full potential.

Through Miquita’s skipping and inspiring words, she ignited a noticeable passion for sport and mental wellbeing among the students. Our collaboration further emphasised the importance of empowering children and equipping them with the skills and relationships they need to thrive. As the students continue their journey, we hope they carry with them the valuable lessons learned from this fantastic experience. 

together, every child and young person can flourish.