Element encourages young creatives to explore their values and ambitions

Element is a youth charity delivering creative arts projects to children and young people across London.

How do we work together?

Through our partnership, Element facilitators deliver a 10-week project in West London Zone partner primary and secondary schools. Each session explores a different aspect of identity whilst simultaneously experimenting with a new art form. Week by week, young creatives are encouraged to consider their strengths, values, emotions and ambitions, all whilst developing their creativity. The exciting art forms on offer include marbling, stained glass, canvas painting, photography, lino cutting and many more.

Celebrating achievements

Every Element project ends with a showcase where all of the Young Creatives' incredible artwork is exhibited. Teachers, friends, family and carers are invited to come along and celebrate the achievements of those involved. In 2022. Element ran a project in 14 West London Schools. That's 138 students who have had their lives enriched by an Element creative project!

"Element is a time and place to reflect" Young creative at St John's Primary in Hammersmith

There are currently seven Element projects being run across West London Zone schools this Spring Term 2023.

together, every child and young person can flourish.