Using drama to help young people to communicate and reflect

By our Delivery Partner, Ella from Tie-Dye Drama.

Viewed as only accessible to those born with extroverted jazz hands, people often label drama as ‘not for them’ or their children.

Tie-Dye Drama challenges this. We use drama as an inclusive tool to boost the wellbeing and confidence of young people no matter their acting ability or experience. In Tie-Dye Drama workshops, there are no pre-made facilitator scripts, wrong moves, or wrong answers. This allows the young people to confidently and authentically express themselves and feel empowered knowing that what they create is entirely self-generated.

Since returning to schools this term, it is apparent that the children have a lot on their minds but are excited to reunite with their peers. Through drama sessions, they have been given a safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings, and share similar experiences, in a creative yet reflective way. Observing them make connections with each other and their commitment to the sessions has been incredibly powerful. It has helped me to understand the range of complex feelings that they are experiencing and the importance of acknowledging them through drama and celebration.

“The children love taking part in Tie-Dye Drama sessions and come out buzzing with energy and enthusiasm at the end of each workshop. Parents are super happy, saying that the children have a lot of fun and always tell them about the activities. I have received very positive feedback especially from parents whose children are usually quite shy." WLZ Link Worker

Tie-Dye Drama partner with West London Zone, to reach the young people in our community that would benefit the most from our sessions and support. Working with West London Zone’s Link Workers, who have trusted relationships with the young people on the programme, allows us to further support young people. We constantly communicate and share insight, support, and resources so that we can deliver bespoke workshops which are accessible and allow all young people to thrive. 

The Link Workers also build on our work so that the young people really make progress every week and begin to use the skills they learn and develop in my sessions in the rest of their life, at school and home.

At Tie-Dye Drama we are committed to empowering young people by boosting their wellbeing and confidence.

Ella Peterman, WLZ Delivery Partner

Tie-Dye Drama @tiedyedrama

Tie-Dye Drama have been a Delivery Partner since 2020 and last year worked across primary and secondary schools in our Zone encouraging social and emotional wellbeing through role-play and open discussion.

together, every child and young person can flourish.