The why behind corporate partnerships

From the beginning of our journey, we have aimed for a collaborative approach, bringing together all stakeholders in the community - our model is one of collective impact. We have listened to concerns and pressure points and worked holistically, to join up existing assets.

One important stakeholder group is corporates. We recognise their vital importance, providing financial investment, working with us to tackle the toughest problems and making a lasting impact to achieve our vision.

With competition for funding mounting amidst a tough external landscape, corporate support is necessary for us to continue to develop. We have benefitted from incredible support from flagship funders such as Bank of America, Bluewater and Inflexion, one of the valued relationships unlocked through our game-changing partnership with the Impetus Foundation.

Being an evidence-led organisation, with seven years of successful delivery behind us, we are ready to expand our evidence-base, by broadening our scope and testing our model in a new place, while increasing the quality and impact of our work with children and young people in West London.

It is a critical time for us which is why we are looking for strategic corporate funding partners for the next stage of our development. We are on the cusp of being able to join up wider systems effectively, to prevent the problem of children falling through the cracks, but we need investment.

Fostering employee engagement

Funders help to power our core work and pro-bono support - such as that from Bain & Company, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and Be UK - has done an incredible amount for us as we evolve in our strategy. 

We have also delivered high quality skills-based volunteering opportunities, leveraging the skills of partner volunteers to create hands-on, life-changing opportunities for our young people to thrive into adulthood, through:

  • employability skills development, 
  • role modelling and aspiration raising,
  • unlocking access to professional environments, networking opportunities and invaluable work experience.

Since February 2023, we have worked with Goldman Sachs, Centerbridge Partners, Inflexion and Be UK to co-design sessions attended by 50+ students, where volunteers share their inspiring, often non-traditional, journeys on their way to success. 

Employee engagement leaves volunteers more rounded and increases job satisfaction.

  • 81% of our volunteers said the session left them feeling more:some text
    • Energised / motivated / inspired;
    • Positive about young people, and/or people from a different background; and
    • Positive about my organisation.

  • 77% said they developed their skills, including:some text
    • Creative problem solving;
    • Working in a diverse team;
    • Presentation skills, written or verbal communication; and
    • Helping others to develop or think differently.

“It was great interacting with the students. We learned as much from them as they learned from us. The facilitators were excellent - very engaging.” Volunteer

‘Being able to watch students’ confidence grow throughout the day through all the interactions we had was fantastic. There was a really supportive environment and a good atmosphere all day’. Volunteer

Strengthening community bonds

Partnership working has led to great success stories, and helped us to be more effective, continuing to embed us further in our place. Being data-driven, we are working to capture these broader impacts.

Only a few hours in our signature Aspirational Work Experience Days can lead to years of motivation for young people, for example, instead of learning about maths, they witness first-hand WHY it could be important in THEIR lives. 

Whether it’s a session on Innovation, Personal Branding or Public Speaking in a swish office, power hours with volunteers in monthly student Alumni meetings, or a trip to the National Portrait Gallery with a creative art session, working with our partners out of school settings, enables us to expand and transform their horizons.

  • 83% of students said they have developed their skills, including:some text
    • Team work, influencing or collaboration skills;
    • Presentation, written or verbal communication skills; and
    • Adaptability, problem solving and decision making.
  • 87% said they would recommend it to their friends.

“It helped me gain confidence, as it pulled me out of my comfort zone, and I was able to talk in front of people.” Student

“It opened my mind about career paths, I got to see really cool offices and it got me confident to say my ideas.” Student

Some students have impressed so much on our opportunities that they secured additional work experience, for example, with Be UK. We are exploring ways to deliver other impactful career development opportunities in future - more exciting news on this soon!

"The session was so worthwhile, helping spark something in the students outside of the school environment. They did themselves proud." Link Work Manager

When we join forces in society we can fully achieve a fairer future for young people. We couldn’t do it without our corporate partners who inject vital resources. By demonstrating that they are socially minded, the impact they are having does not go unnoticed among their stakeholders, in today’s age of CSR, DEI and ESG objectives.

Our work with partners adds much value forming a key part of our systems-based approach, joining up fragmented offerings and creating a network of support ensuring nobody is left behind. 

Work with us and be a part of the solution!

together, every child and young person can flourish.