The Clement James Centre help children achieve their full potential

The Clement James Centre has been working in partnership with West London Zone since its launch, providing one to one literacy and numeracy sessions for students who need further support to increase their literacy and numeracy attainment. Clement James tutors meet up with young people on the West London Zone programme for 30 minutes of intensive one-to-one tutoring support to build academic confidence and to provide the opportunity to work on particular subject areas. Through working in partnership with the tutors, Link Workers are also able to understand how the young person is developing and offer support outside sessions.

A tailored approach

Academic support sessions will differ depending on the needs of the young person, one student such student was Ace*, age seven, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and didn’t start speaking until he was in Year 1. Ace would attend weekly sessions to work on his numeracy and literacy skills, during the spring term, lessons would primarily focus on his speaking and the ten times table. Initially, he was very anxious about coming to The Clement James Centre and found it difficult to focus and engage with the sessions or staff. As a result, his tutor adapted sessions to meet his needs. Using different strategies to keep him engaged, such as, using timers, and having a clear structure as well as visual aids to help keep him engaged in learning. As Ace also had lots of energy and enjoyed being active, his tutor would create a variety of interactive activities which incorporated learning through being active. Ace particularly enjoyed learning his ten times tables by throwing a ball against the wall with the different times table questions as targets. As sessions have been continuing Ace is now more confident coming to the centre, and is becoming more and more talkative in the sessions - he even enjoys being tested on his ten times table.

Working in partnership

With Link Workers providing tutors with insights into how a young person might be feeling or the best ways to engage, young people, are able to make the most out of sessions and continue building their academic confidence. 

The Clement James Centre have worked with 24 young people this academic year (2022/23) in secondary and primary schools including; Bevington, St Clement and St James primary school and Kensington Aldridge Academy.

*Name changed and image unrelated

together, every child and young person can flourish.