Our statement of action against racism

At West London Zone, we believe that everyone should have access to the opportunities they need to achieve their goals in life. Through our work with children and families, we strongly recognise the deep rooted social injustice and systemic racism that is present within our society. We have a duty and responsibility to act.  

We are saddened by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and are deeply affected by all that has evolved since. We stand in solidarity with the movements working to end racism and discrimination and continue to support our families, friends and colleagues on this journey. 

We realise that talking is only the beginning and action is what is really needed. We are an organisation that is motivated by finding solutions and putting them into practice in a sustainable and impactful way. We will listen with humility and act with integrity and urgency. 

Our action: 

  • Our Inclusion Committee is exploring the inequity within our organisational culture, recruitment processes and working practices. We will address it so that we reflect the inclusivity and fairness we wish to see in our community, and globally. 
  • We had planned an independent expert audit this Summer. We will publish the findings and a clear plan of action to build on our strengths and address the areas we need to improve in.
  • We commit to ensuring the plan is achieved and will monitor our progress continuously. 

As ever, we will work collaboratively and expect the highest levels of accountability in all that we do. Therefore, we welcome open discussion and feedback from all of our staff, stakeholders, partners and families on ways in which we can improve. We are determined to create positive and meaningful changes through our work with children and families. 

together, every child and young person can flourish.