Link Worker Diary: Hammersmith BMX trip

Over February half term, 10 children in years 4 to 6 from three West London Zone Partner Schools participated in a BMX activity including a few from the schools I work in, Ark Bentworth and Ark Conway Primary Schools. The session was organised with BikeGuys for West London Zone and was a two-hour long session.

On the day, the children all arrived with their Link Workers and tried on their gear. They got to choose their BMX bikes and helmets and learned the adjust their bikes according to their size.

After a short introduction, the session leader Sean gave us a lesson about best practices on a bike.  We learned how to position ourselves on a BMX bike depending on the area of the course and the importance of keeping our bodies low. Sean also explained how to turn properly, use the bike pedals and how to brake.

Some of the children had already been to this BMX track but everyone started off on the easy side of the course to review all the basics learned that morning.

By the end of the session, all of the children had managed to go around the full hard circuit – we were so proud! They all really enjoyed themselves and couldn’t wait to get back to their families and tell them all about their morning.


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