Leo, aged 11

When WLZ Link Worker Rahel first met Leo, he was in Year 6, and struggling with his behaviour and concentration in class. 

Together with Rahel he set goals to reach his potential and build resilience. To achieve these, Rahel supported him throughout the two-year WLZ programme and signed him up for extra support.

Leo attended football sessions with QPR and Gardening Club with Hammersmith Community Gardens. Rahel also put him on to WLZ's maths tuition support as he finds this subject more challenging. Over the two years, Leo also attended circus skills workshops to help with his confidence and counselling sessions.

When Leo first started with Rahel, he was 'below' his reading, writing and maths age-related levels but has since been steadily improving.


"Rahel is a good lady, helpful and kind," Leo

together, every child and young person can flourish.