Jamie's Farm uniquely blends farming, family therapy and legacy

Jamie’s Farm is a charity that believes in the innate potential and good in every young person, no matter their background or life experiences. They act as a catalyst for change, uniquely blending a formula of ‘farming, family therapy and legacy’ into a transformative 5-day residential programme at one of their rural farms, alongside follow-up support. Young people leave the farm better equipped to thrive academically, socially and emotionally during their school years and beyond.

How do we work together?

Jamie’s Farm has worked with West London Zone as a charity partner since 2019, with WLZ bringing groups of young people each year from London for transformative residentials to their farms in Bath, Lewes and day visits to their city farm, Oasis Farm Waterloo. Working closely with WLZ Link Workers, they carefully select the groups that will visit the farm. On the farm, young people complete real jobs with tangible outcomes – farming, gardening, cooking, horse work, log chopping, music and crafts as well as a daily walk in the countryside.  Alongside this, they provide one-to-one and group reflective sessions for young people to vocalise their challenges and develop new positive behaviour patterns to carry forward into home and school life.

 Last year, Jamie's Farm supported over 2,100 children and young people

What is so important about their work? 

Jamie’s Farm is incredibly proud of the positive impact they have on the young people who visit Jamie’s Farm; especially as their programme focuses on improving behaviour, engagement, wellbeing and essential life-skills. They offer a unique, preventative solution to empower young people to change course, this was the case for Olivia*. Olivia first came to Jamie’s Farm in 2019; she was struggling with her mental wellbeing, having confidence issues and finding it hard to navigate her friendships. At first, she was hesitant, believing as a ‘London Girl’ she wouldn’t fit into farm life. However, within 10 minutes of arriving, she had delivered her first-ever lamb and shone when she was in a trusting and supportive environment. 

“Before Jamie’s Farm I was starting to slip into a dark and upsetting state, I didn’t know how to voice what I was finding difficult. I felt like no one really cared. [The experience] has been so beneficial to me – it does something, it really does!” – Olivia

“Olivia’s stay at Jamie’s Farm had an overwhelmingly positive impact on her life. She came back glowing with pride and joy and a newfound faith in herself and her abilities.” – Olivia’s Mum

How you can get involved

With the rise in the cost-of-living and the after-effects of the pandemic having an adverse impact on vulnerable young people, the demand and need for their programmes of support is greater than ever. With rising costs, fundraising is crucial to the longevity of their farms; there are many ways you can support their work, whether it's running as part of #TeamJF in the Bath Half, signing up as a volunteer, or becoming one of their monthly donors. You can find out all the wonderful ways to support them here.

*Name changed and image unrelated

together, every child and young person can flourish.