Impetus backs us to be the best for the children and families we work with

Impetus transforms the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, by ensuring they get the right support to succeed in school, work and life. They find, fund and build up the most promising charities by providing core funding, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with their leaders to help them become stronger organisations.

How do we work together?

Since our inception, Impetus saw the potential of our model, investing in our work early on and supporting us to develop what we do in our communities. Throughout our strategic and funding partnership over the past six years, they have identified opportunities and gaps within the organisation and supported us to better structure the organisation for growth and impact in our communities. From supporting our theory of change development to coordinating pro bono strategy development projects, Impetus’ strategic support has helped us grow to work with over 1700 children and families in our Zone and improve our impact. 

At West London Zone we have five values that drive the way we work, empowering us to achieve positive outcomes for the children and families we work with: collaboration; local; evidence-led; accountability; and relational. We believe that the key to a good partnership is the sharing of core values – organisations and people working together towards a common vision. This is why, eight years on, we are proud to partner with Impetus, who have backed us in achieving our outcomes through their investment, constant guidance and commitment to connecting us with like-minded organisations. 

When reflecting on our partnership, Impetus has kept us accountable to our beneficiaries and mission through the rigour of their theory of change development work. Indeed, they often provide challenge - leading to pause for thought on why we undertake specific plans and activities, and the extent to which they serve our mission. The approach of their Investment Directors – specifically Sebastien and Tamara – has expertly balanced many of the behaviours we associate with our values; heavily relational and collaborative, whilst always grounded in evidence with the challenge of a ‘critical friend’. It is this balance that has supported the pace and rigour of our development to date, and has been hugely valued by our executive and non-executive leadership.

What is so important about their work?

In partnership with other funders, Impetus is able to help charities with interventions that prove impact, while also influencing policy and decision-makers for the wider sector, so that all young people get the support they need.

We have been able to leverage their valuable relationships to help us build our reputation and unlock further opportunities, including securing additional funding from The Schroder Charity Trust, Inflexion, and Centerbridge Partners, who in turn helped us to secure strategy support from Bain & Company. Most recently, we benefited from a communications strategy project led by Oxford SM as well as Rede and PWC projects previously. To have the Impetus name among our list of supporters has proven to be a huge motivator for other funders to partner and has led to other funding opportunities. They have also introduced us to other charities in their portfolio, who are at a similar stage to us in terms of their growth and provide us with useful insights.

All of this has contributed to developing and growing our programmes, and helping young people to develop the skills, self-belief and relationships they need to positively take on life.

Plans for the future

Looking forward, we are excited to enter the next phase of our work together. We are thrilled to be able to offer meaningful engagement opportunities, such as our Aspirational Work Experience Days, to Impetus’ partners, continuing to develop our relationships and expand our focus, impact and effectiveness in supporting young people in our Zone. Further, we continue to benefit from the community of practice and shared learning from other fantastic organisations that being in the Impetus portfolio brings.

together, every child and young person can flourish.